Vision & Mission


Hemat Marine envisions being a versatile shipping company driven by dedicated and knowledgeable staff and supported by effective resources through an extensive global strategic partners in the provision of total shipping services to the local and international clients. Versatility refers to the adaptability, capable of providing multi facet services, changeable and capable of moving easily to various directions. Therefore, our vision of versatile shipping company is adaptable multifaceted shipping services provider with global networks of strategic partners and clients.

Vision & Mission HMSB


The company strives to realize the vision by the year 2015 through the following strategic mission:

  1. To stay focus on three core businesses – shipbroking, chartering and  international maritime trade.
  2. To maximize company’s net worth.
  3. To cultivate excellent ethics on business dealing and management as a corporate identity.
  4. To nurture a success culture among the staff.